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A1 Law Office

A1 Law Office is a team of professionals with broad experience in uncompromising protection of their clients' interests. Our specialists provide legal assistance in complicated conflicts and other situations requiring comprehensive legal aid.

Our mission is to develop fair relations between business, the state and society within the Russian legal framework through the defence of the legal rights of companies and entrepreneurs

| Services

An end-to-end expert in all legal issues is a myth. Only the in-depth study of certain areas of law
and the regular application of the acquired knowledge is what makes a lawyer a real expert.

Our members provide legal services in several key areas where they have become experts
with long-standing legal practice.
Debt Recovery in Russia & Worldwide
Our lawyers implement debt recovery projects, develop a recovery strategy, gather the required evidence, and deter unlawful actions by opponents involving non-legal methods of dispute resolution. In addition, our portfolio includes cross-border debt recovery projects in multi-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration, involving detectives, fraud detection experts and other specialists.
Corporate Conflicts & Commercial Disputes
Our lawyers will help resolve conflicts of any complexity and degree of development. Even in severe conflicts between business owners, shareholders, or company managers, we find the best solution to serve interests of all parties in the shortest possible time with the least losses for our clients and their businesses.
Defense from Hostile Acquisitions & Unconscientious Claims
Our lawyers will help protect a business from seizure, unreasonable demands and claims that can lead to loss of control, causing material losses to a business or its owners.
Defense from Unlawful Criminal Prosecution
Our lawyers have successful experience in defending unjustifiably persecuted entrepreneurs, including in high-profile conflicts involving wealthy entrepreneurs and large corporations.
Bankruptcy & Asset Restructuring
Our lawyers will comprehensively protect the interests of injured creditors or unreasonably prosecuted debtors in bankruptcy proceedings. We will help market participants interested in acquiring businesses and other assets encumbered by bankruptcy to restructure their assets, clear them of encumbrances and ensure their transfer to the ownership of the client.
Inheritance structuring and protection of heirs
Even with the presence of properly executed inheritance relations after the opening of a large inheritance, there is a high probability of unscrupulous persons who challenge the will, the sanctity of the testator, the signatures on the documents, making knowingly unreasonable actions in order to appropriate the inheritance. Our lawyers will help competently structure the inheritance, based on the need for its future protection, and in the case of unreasonable claims to protect the rights of heirs.
Litigation Financing
Our lawyers cooperate closely with A1 Investment Company, the Russia's largest investment fund professionally dealing with litigation financing. These relationships help our lawyers engage partners for partial or full funding of complex international and local cases.
Protection of Business Reputation
Business reputation is one of the most important values of the present-day Russian companies. It is very difficult to build and can be easily ruined by the actions of unscrupulous individuals. Until recently, the business reputation protective mechanisms were ineffective in Russia, but now legislators and courts of all levels provide more and more opportunities in this field. Our lawyers will protect business reputation of their clients by all legal means.

| Team

Our legal team includes world-class professionals experienced in solving challenging legal issues and promptly executing any client's instructions.
Andrey Egorenkov
He is an expert in criminal law and criminal procedure, with over 20 years of investigative experience, including in the investigative bodies of the federal level, where he investigated commercial criminal cases. For the past 4 years, he has been a legal adviser on criminal law and procedural issues, helping to develop an effective strategy for protecting the rights of offended persons in criminal cases.
Dmitry Guskov
Dmitry is an expert in criminal law, criminal procedure and criminal investigation. He has more than 20 years of experience in investigative units, including in managerial positions in the Central District of Moscow. He investigated and oversaw the investigation of high-profile and multi-episode criminal cases in the field of economic activity, including those involving corporate conflicts and abuse of office. Currently, he is assisting the constitution and practical implementation of the strategy for protection and representation of clients in criminal proceedings.
Alexander Zablotskis

  • Alexander was among the first lawyers to successfully implement a project to hold the CEO of a branch of an international corporation liable for the creation of a twin company and the withdrawal of business to it. The director was charged with losses and the business was returned to its rightful owner.

  • He took part in a cross-border corporate dispute resolution, where he represented the interests of a shareholder illegally deprived of management rights and participation in the company's profits. His work resulted in conclusion of an amicable agreement on the terms favorable to the client.

  • Alexander directly participated in protection of the rights of a shareholder's widow, whose inheritance rights were grossly violated by other shareholders. As a result, it was agreed to pay the widow a fair compensation for the violation of her rights.
Oleg Khmelevsky

  • Oleg successfully represented the interests of an international distributor of electrical equipment in a number of cases on the recovery of debts from a large construction company under supply and contract agreements in the amount exceeding 4 billion rubles, complicated by suspensory conditions.

  • He defended the interests of a Russian-based telecommunications corporation in a dispute over the delayed completion of construction work under a state contract.

  • He supported a complex case on the recovery of a significant amount of debt from a well-known Russian shoe retailer within the framework of the latter's bankruptcy procedure.
David Arziani

  • David participated in the comprehensive support of the projects on the cross-border recovery of multibillion-dollar debts in the interests of two Russian banks. He supported lawsuits in the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland and other jurisdictions;

  • David participated in the implementation of a project on protecting the interests of a large foreign construction company in disputes arising in connection with the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings against its subsidiary in Russia and attempts to hold the client vicariously liable for the debtor's debts;

  • David successfully represented the interests of a large Greek bank in a number of disputes in arbitration courts of the Russian Federation related to foreclosure, as well as in subsequent bankruptcy cases of the Russian subsidiaries of a Greek development conglomerate.
Georgy Shashero

  • he successfully participated in the complex process of recognition and enforcement of a multimillion-dollar foreign arbitration award for a Russian holding company in an African jurisdiction;

  • he supported the consideration of cases in various courts in England and Wales in the framework of a dispute between a Russian company with state participation against a group of persons engaged in fraud in a joint venture;

  • He supported the resolution of a complex corporate conflict between two Russian businessmen in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (British Virgin Islands).

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